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Landlord Requirements

Each owner will have their own criteria and set of standards and they will vary from property to property. Here are some of the most common standards:

  • Income: Most Landlords require that a tenant prove that they earn 2-3x’s the rent amount. the tenant will need to provide bank statements, taxes or pay stubs to verify the amount.
  • Background: Many Landlords will not rent to tenants that have certain criminal histories. The Landlord will run a criminal/background report.
  • Rental History: Your rental history will be verified and many Landlords search for evictions as well.
  • Credit: The Landlord will probably run a credit report to see if your payments have been made on time. Most likely they will not look at student loans or medical bills. If you have bad credit, sometimes a Landlord will agree to an additional or increased security deposit to compensate for poor credit.